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A higher proportion of patients in the regadenoson group experienced an adverse event than those who received dipyridamole 84.


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this will allow initial thallium perfusion imaging to be performed before reversal of the pharmacologic effects of dipyridamole on the coronary circulation.

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table 1 presents the incidence of adverse events that occurred in 1 or more of patients treated with aspirin and extended-release dipyridamole where the incidence was also greater than in those patients treated with placebo.

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geriatric patients in esps2 see clinical studies 14 , plasma concentrations determined as auc of dipyridamole in healthy elderly subjects 65 years were about 40 higher than in subjects younger than 55 years receiving treatment with aspirin and extended release dipyridamole capsules.

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with marked constriction, and especially during high flow states asso- ciated with exercise or dobutamine or dipyridamole , coronary blood flow velocity increases and the perfusion pressure decreases within the narrowed myocardial bridge region, leading to focal ischemia and septal buckling.

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