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Ciprofloxacin cipro ; levothyroxine synthroid, levothroid, levoxyl ; a heart rhythm medication; or a seizure medication.

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once a person starts taking a thyroid replacement drug, either a generic brand or synthroid, that person should stay with whatever she started with.

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i asked my dr about switching to non generic synthroid and began taking that 01 25 2017.

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for more information on levothyroxine synthroid and hypothyroidism, please click on the following links.

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the dose of synthroid that is adequate to achieve these goals depends on a variety of factors including the patient s age, body weight, cardiovascular status, concomitant medical conditions, including pregnancy, concomitant medications, and the specific nature of the condition being treated.

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as with any medication, side effects are possible with synthroid, such as insomnia, hair loss, and a rapid heart rate.
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