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scott posted by scott f on march 30, 2005 i m one of the lucky ones who s responsive to singulair – i just forgot to take my pills for a couple of days and trazodone.

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i take 9 of the medicines listed and one more the pharmacist warned might cause dry mouth, trazodone.

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in contrast to cyp3a4-dependent bioactivation of trazodone itself, formation of m4 was mediated specifically by cyp2d6, as evidenced by cdna-expressed cyp2d6-catalyzing formation of m4 from m -cpp, strong inhibition of formation of m4 by quinidine, a specific cyp2d6 inhibitor, in both incubations of trazodone and m -cpp with human liver microsomes, and concentration-dependent inhibition of m4 formation by quinidine.

When combined with other substance dependency, trazodone also has the potential to heighten this abuse and cause a relapse in recovering patients.

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