Miley Cyrus AMA a Jacquemus


¿Quién no siente amor por este francés?

Atrás quedaron los días donde las celebridades y diseñadores se conocían Le Palace, compartiendo champaña y bailes. Gracias a la nueva entrega de «Diary of a Hippie» (3), la columna de Miley Cyrus para V Magazine, pudimos descubrir que siente una gran conexión con el niño querido de Francia: Simon Porte Jacquemus.

Cyrus en Jacquemus

El ensayo de Miley, la cantante y actriz viste lo último del diseñador francés: Verano 2015, entre otras de su propuesta para el Otoño 2015 en una serie de fotos a cargo de Cheyne Thomas. El estilismo rinde tribute a la personalidad de Miley y Simon: menos es mejor, es decir, la desnudez es clave para hacer la declaración de sus personalidades marcas.

“Simon Jacques’ Instagram, on which we met, is a clear reflection of his collections, which are ultra-modern and abstract while still telling a relatable story. Even this Dirty Hippie fell for the clean simplicity and what seems like sacred geometry that is Jacquemus. While designing his collection for fashion week, Simon worked retail at Paris’ Comme des Garçons boutique. Over those two years he learned about the relationship between originality and commercial strategy. Simon started his own label at 19 after leaving Salon-de-Provence in southeastern France for Paris, a city that isn’t always open to new creatives.

‘Do everything you can today,’ Simon told himself one month into fashion school, after the devastating passing of his mother, whom he named his brand after. Now 25, with a heart of gold (which he never goes out without wearing around his neck), Simon is an avant-garde pioneer who is bringing optimism and reality into the fantasies of young designers. Although we still have not met in person, my connection and relationship with Simon is real. I think we are an example of a new generation that is united through technology. Being ’90s babies, maybe it’s just our inner pen-palling. Like his much-loved circles, Simon is incessant, and I am looking forward to knowing him in his physical form. But for now, I love my dear virtual friend and am thankful for the innovators like him who bring tech to a level where oceans and land can’t divide us.” —Miley Cyrus

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